National Museum of Archaeology, Dublin


National Museum of Archaeology, Dublin


This tour will take you into the National Museum of Archaeology in Dublin to visit the key artefacts of Irish archaeology and the historical significance of them. This tour is an excellent way to start any visit to Ireland and set the context perfectly for touring Ireland.

From the entrance you step straight into the Neolithic period, beginning about ten thousand years ago. Immediately you will be steeped in the creation mythology of the ancient people who lived on these shores. The fields of forensic archaeologic research will intersect with storytelling at its best.

As the science discovers even more the stories become clearer and clearer. Why does Ireland possess such rich artifacts from the earliest days of European civilisation and who were these people?

The Tuatha Dé Danann, the Fomorians the Fir Bolg are all introduced and the links into actual migrations of people discussed. There is truth, we are discovering, behind some of this fiction.

The artistry of The Treasury Room which contains the most significant artefacts from the early Christian period are introduced. This is altar wear from the beginnings of Christianity and national treasures. The complex manufacturing techniques revealed.

From Iron Age Ireland, The Tara Brooch, long a symbol of Irish America, is presented in plain sight. Ireland is renowned for its ancient landscape, over 75,000 structures alone, and here are presented the best of the finds from this landscape.

The ‘bog bodies’ exhibition is a huge attraction for visitors to Ireland’s capital. The exhibition, Kingship and Sacrifice’ however has in depth secrets to reveal also. Recent academic research by the museum has thrown up new evidence of just how ancient the Gaelic order was.

There is also time spent on the Viking hordes found and also the medieval artifacts from excavations throughout Ireland. The Irish are storytellers and on this tour the facts, the objects and the stories meet.



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