Dublin – Both Sides Now Walking Tour


Dublin – Both Sides Now Walking Tour


Every city has two sides! Whether it is a river or a road citizens create identity as much as by not being who The Others are as my who they themselves are. We create identity in ancient patterns and these develop into complex rituals and folklore all the world over.

This tour takes you onto both sides of the river Liffey that sperates Dublins northside from its southside. For many Dubliners there is a world between the two, and we will take you right down into this. You will meet yourself and your friends of this tour with characters familiar the world over, in Dublin disguise.

This tour is designed to be great ‘craic’ with lots of stories and a couple of stops into legendary pubs for a pint of plain, of whatever you are having yourself! You guide will explain the Dubliner’s favourite foods, drinks and pubs as you go.

The characters, past and present, will come alive and an essential bowl of Irish stew, of a classic ‘Dublin toastie’ is provide refreshment.